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Nottawasaga Daylilies
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These plants are on display in the garden. Some are being tested for hardiness, some are being held for increase. There are others that I will be discontinuing as they are not as hardy in our climate (Zone 4B) as I would like and therefore do not multiply well here but always survive. As we need to reduce the quantity of plants in the garden we will be dividing many of them in the spring with the intention of discontinuing them

A Ba Ba Rum
Above The Salt*
Ada E Hill*
Alberta Clipper*
Almost Indecent*
Alpine Junction*
Alpine Snow*
Angelic Grin
Annie Golightly*
Antique Fringe*
Aphrodites Nighty*
Apollo's Fire*
Aqua Velva Man*
Arctic Snow*
Ashwood Darkside*
Astral Voyager*
Awesome Luck*
Baby's Got Blue Eyes*
Badger's Reminiscent Rainbow
Bali Watercolor*
Baltimore Oriole*
Barbara Mitchell
Becky Lynn
Bela Lugosi*
Beryl Quinn
Bicolor Playmate*
Big Bird*
Blackberry Candy*
Blazing Double Sunset*
Blue Venom
Blueberry Candy*
Blueberry Frost*
Bob Loves Barbara
Bob's Baby
Bogie and Becall
Bombay Bicycle
Bonibrae Velvet Shamrock*
Bordello Queen*
Border Giant
Border Sentry*
Braided Lightning*
Bridgeton Heartthrob*
Bridgeton In August*
Cajun Concert*
Camden Gold Dollar
Canadian Goose*
Carrick Wilden*
Cherry Cheeks*
Chicago Ruby*
Child of Bethleham*
Choo Choo Fantasy
Christmas Ribbon*
Circular Thinking*
Concord Baby
Cosmic Hummingbird
Coyote Moon*
Custard Candy*
Daring Deception*
Dark Storm
Dempsey Red Velvet
Divine Impulse*
Doc Branch*
Double Infinity*
Double Old Ivory
Down East Explosion*
Doyle Pierce*
Dragon So*
Drama Queen
Drums Along The Mohawk*
Eli Murphy
Enerergized Simplicity*
Erogenous Zone*
Etched Eyes*
Explosion in the Paint Factory*



Final Touch
Fire Breathing Dragon*
Fire Pegasus*
Flying Trapeze
Foolish Fancy
Forestlake Ragamuffin*
Forever Blowing bubbles*
Forty Second Street
Fox Ears
Fox Point*
From See To Shining Sea
Fuchsia Fashion*
Give Me Eight
Green Lines
Growing in Grace
Hakuna Matata
Handwriting on the Wall*
Heavenly Angel Ice
Heavenly Flight
Heavenly Snow Bird
Heavenly White Swan
Highland Fuchsia
Hip to Be Square*
Howlin Wolf
Ice Carnival
Indy Rhapsody
Inside Looking Out
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Ivelyn Brown
Ivory Moonbeams
Jan's Twister
Jedi Georgette
Jedi Irish Spring
Jen Melon
Jerry Pate Williams*
Jersey Spider
Joan Senior
Jolly Red Giant*
Julianna Lynn*
Kindly Light
King George*
Lacy Amethyst*
Lady Neva
Lake Norman Spider
Last Flight Out
Lavender Blue Baby
Leah Abbott*
Lime Frost*
Little Grapette
Little Suzie
Long Live Love*
Long Stockings*
Longlesson Orchid Thief*
Love in Vain*
Lullaby Baby
Madam Bessamar*
Magnificent Rainbow*
Making Whoopee
Mango Chutney*
Margaret Rainbird*
Marque Moon*
Martha Chamberlain*
Merry Moppet*
Mexican Sunrise*
Monacan Trail
Monica Marie
Moon Witch*
Moses in the Bull Rushes
Mother Superior*
Mr Crabs*
Mulberry Truffle*
My Friend Charlie*
My Side of The Mountain
Mystical Rainbow*
Naomi Hope*
Nordic Night*
Oh Danny Boy
Old Field Wishful Thinking*
Old King Cole*
One Above You*
One Last Kiss*
Orchid Corsage



Paper Butterfly*
Pardon Me
Pardon Me Boy*
Pearl Harbor*
Pickle Me Pink*
Pinhill Purple Surprise*
Polar Queen*
Portage Balirays*
Portage Green Star
Poseidon's Treasure*
Prime Minister*
Pure Indulgence*
Pure and Simple*
Purple Peace*
R R Red
Ranger Bob*
Raspberry Candy*
Real Wind*
Reason to Believe*
Red Hot Miracle*
Rescue Me*
Riveting Rosie
Rose Electra*
Rose Emily
Rose F. Kennedy
Roses in Snow*
Royal Invitation*
Ruby Spider
Russian Easter*
San Ignacio*
Savannah Knockout
Save Our Souls*
Schnickel Fritz
Siloam Double Classic
Smith Brothers*
Snow Crane*
Song of The Empire*
Spacecoast Sweetness
Spirit Fox*
Starmans Quest
Steely Blue Eyes*
Strutters Ball*
Sugar Plum Taffy*
Sunday Gloves
Sunny Blue Eyes*
Sunset Fire*
Superficial Sighs*
Swallowtail Kite*
Sweet Seneca Glow
Tall and Proud
Tall Dark Stranger*
Tao of Physics
Tennessee Sunset*
Thanks Mr Wizard
The Wonder of Color*
Thistle Pink Truffle*
Thunder Patch*
Topguns Fireball
Topguns Lola Scott
Topguns Purple Express*
Tower of Babel*
Tropical Heat Wave*
Tropical Jewel*
Twist of Lemon*
Undivided Heart
Unfolding Paradox*
Variegated Kwanso
Violet Angel*
Warrior's Brother
Where's Waldo*
White Crinoline*
White Hot*
Wild One
Windmills of Your Mind
Wonderfully Made
You Know Who
Zada Mae
Zona Rosa